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Our comic department is constantly growing.  We offer a great selection of back-issues, and we get new comics every week on release day (Wednesday). 

We also have the lowest prices in town on supplies: Bags, Boards, Boxes, etc.

If you'd like to ensure that you never miss an issue of your favorite comics, AND you're a fan of big discounts, why not become a subscriber?  Just visit the store, and sign up to receive 25% off your subscription to 5 or more current titles, PLUS 50% off your monthly copy of the Previews Guide, AND additional discounts on special orders & in-store items.  ALL new comics are bagged & boarded, so you save even more money!

*Book Vault Trade Credit may not be used for purchase of new or used comics.

**We typically do not offer Trade Credit for your comics, unless you'd like to use that credit on other items in the store.  Otherwise, we're happy to appraise your collection for a Cash Offer.