Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy books?

We prefer to offer Trade Credit for your books and other items, but we're pleased to make a cash offer for your items in Very Good condition.  Please specify that you're prefer a cash offer when you drop your materials off.

How much cash do you pay for books, etc?

When you elect to get a cash offer for your items rather than a Trade Credit offer, you can expect an offer that's competitive with other stores that buy used items.  We like to say that you can expect "yard sale pricing," but that we're easier to sell to than a yard sale crowd, and we'll buy more!

Can you help me bring things into the store from my car?

Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, we cannot.  We have several carts & hand-trucks available that you may use.  We recommend bringing your items in boxes or bags that you can manage easily on your own.

Are there types of books you don't want?

First of all, we prefer items in very good condition. 

  • We don't accept many computer-related books.  The one's we do accept are very current.
  • We don't carry textbooks.  If you have books you've used for a class that aren't textbooks per se, we may be interested. 
  • We're very selective about the travel books we sell, so if yours is dated, we may take a pass.
  • We love automotive/transportation books, but we steer clear of most repair manuals unless they're in perfect condition and relate to special cars (Porche, Ferrari, etc.).

We're always happy to take a look at something you belive is special!

Are you hiring? How do I apply for a job?

We intermittently have openings and would love to meet interested applicants in person!  Feel free to drop by with your resume or a generic application you can find online here. We prefer applicants who love books, maybe have some bookstore or library experience and are available for flexible daytime, evening & weekend hours.

Do you take Video Games & Computer Games?

We do not deal in Video Games or Computer Games at this time.  But, if you have board games or other table-top gaming items, we may be interested.