Our Trade Policy

1. Drop off your books and other items* at the Trade Counter located near the parking lot entrance. 

2. We will give you credit for approximately half  the amount we hope to sell the item for. For example, if we price the item $4.00, you’ll get $2.00 in credit. 

3. When you make a purchase of any USED items, you may pay for half of your purchase with credit. For example, if you purchase a $4.00 item, we will deduct $2.00 from your credit, and you will still pay $2.00 plus tax. 

4. Any items that we don’t want can be returned to you OR they will be donated to a local charity. 

5. We maintain your credit account in our computer system. It never expires, and can never be lost. Plus, we keep track of your purchase history, and remind you if you're attempting to purchase a title from us a 2nd time!

6. Looking for a cash offer for your books?  Remember, we only offer cash for items in very good condition.  Our cash offers are competitive with the current marketplace.  Be sure to specify that you'd prefer cash when you drop your items off.


* We currently do not accept magazines or textbooks.


**Book Vault Trade Credit may not be used for purchase of new or used comics.

***We typically do not offer Trade Credit for your comics, uless you'd like to use that credit on other items in the store.  Otherwise, we're happy to appraise your comic collection for a Cash Offer.

Items We Sell & Take In Trade